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Energy flow benefits using Hana Emi massage tools

Hana Emi gua sha Green

Energy flow benefits using Hana Emi massage tools.

Hana Emi is a healing technique originating from traditional East Asian medicine and is now fast becoming a modern trend in healing. Modern research learns that this therapy produces an anti-inflammatory and immune protection that lasts for days following a single Hana Emi session. Patients were amazed to experience immediate relief from chills, cough, fever, nausea, pain, stiffness, vomiting and wheeze from Hana Emi massage.

The technique is done manually and that gets wide interest as hands are used in the practice of this procedure. Practitioners of acupuncture, massage therapists, nurses, physical therapists and physician who work directly with their patients are wondering if this procedure has any relevance to their charges.

Hana Emi tools

Tools are vital essentials to perform Hana Emi: the Hana Emi board is made from a range of materials such as bian stone, jade, water buffalo horn, rose quartz or cow bones. Whatever material is used, it must not be sharp or it ruptures the skin. Further, it must not be dull to cause pain. Other tools needed are balms, coconut oil, medicated oils, or pain relieving oils that are applied to the problematic area. Last but not least is a hand mirror to reflect what is going on.

Energy flow benefits from Hana Emi massage tools

Hana Emi board is used to scrape the skin with its smooth or rounded edge. The purpose is to encourage the formation of petechiae, which appear as red spots on the surface of the skin sometimes resembling sand textures. Skin marks are referred to as “sha” which indicates a shortage of blood flow in the affected area.

In fact, Chinese medicine has for centuries believed that cold, fever and other illnesses are trapped inside the body where they meet the troops of our immune system. Modern day studies have shown that Hana Emi through its tools increases blood circulation by 400% until 25 minutes after the session. There are lots of energy flowing derived from Hana Emi. Further, the patients noted relief in the pain and a complete sensation of well-being. Hana Emi assists in stimulating blood circulation, as well as the blood, lymph and Qi. At the same time, it expels body toxins.

The key role of Hana Emi tools

Hana Emi tool, whether just a spoon or the authentic one from bian stone, jade, rose quartz or stainless steel perform key role in the process. The tool is used to repeatedly scrape the skin over the affected area. For complaints of a cold, scraping is performed in the upper back, neck or shoulders. It helps reduce the soreness until the cold is cured. Through this method, blood flow in the area is increased. At times, lactic acid or uric acid is trapped beneath the skin or confined within the muscle due to poor blood flow. The crystallization of the metabolic substance blocks blood flow in the area. The result is pain or aches in the area. When these crystals are broken with a Hana Emi tool, pain and ache in the area are relieved.

Hana Emi promotes healthy blood circulation by moving the old stagnant blood out of their capillaries to be replaced by fresh oxygen-rich blood as it flows through the area again. This is a great way of restoring the normal process of the body.

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