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Amazon Customer
So soothing

Gua Sha is such a soothing experience--it makes my face and skin feel great. I've only used one of the tools in this set, but I want to learn more about the practice and have a feeling I'll want both once I gain a little knowledge and experience. Love that it comes with this little bags to keep them from getting dusty or broken.

Amazon Customer
Be prepared for real results!

This massage tool is easy and pleasant to use. There are instructions to handle it on line, but my family member is a licensed massage therapist and she instructed me on how to use it. I was really surprised by how nice it made me feel, and my face really felt refreshed as a result. This is really nicely packaged and is very gift-worthy! Anyone would enjoy using it and seeing the great results.

Amazon Customer
Unsanitary, used, gross, do not buy.

This is so gross!!! It came used with fingerprints everywhere. Whoever packaged this did a poor job at covering up the label from whoever used this last. So disappointed. Not a good gift during a pandemic.

Amazon Customer
Nice tools

I'm not sure if I've noticed any long-term effects from using these Gua Sha tools, but they do help make your skin glow after using them. The package is nicely wrapped and would make a beautiful gift, and it comes with instructions on how to use the tools.

Amazon Customer
thinner than I thought, but really beautiful

I was surprised that this came with a free eBook type of Gua Sha instruction PDF (the option I chose). It find it really helpful in self treatment of sore or tight muscles. I have been using it daily since snowboarding last weekend and I think it's really helping move the lymphatic fluid and lactic acid out of those seldom used muscles. I will definitely be looking into other shapes too!

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