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Benefits of Hana Emi massage

Girl holding Gua sha in her hand

Benefits of Hana Emi massage

Massage is one of the oldest human, health care services that were already used in China, Egypt, India and Japan for millennia. Nowadays, massage is a worldwide therapy to provide relief to people. With 80 different types of massage treatments, you have the option to choose what fits your needs.

Massage is a technique of acting and working on the body using pressure as treatment to remove pain or stress. Hands, fingers, elbows, knees, forearm, feet, or gadget are used a chosen device.

What Is Hana Emi?

The traditional Chinese practice of caressing the skin using rigid instrument made of bone, horn, jade and stone to heal types of ailment is called Hana Emi. Similar to acupressure, Hana Emi's main focus is increasing the flow of blood under the skin’s surface. Intensified circulation brings several noticeable healing effects in the body.

Explanation of the Hana Emi massage

Researchers discovered scientific explanations for the anti-inflammatory and immune boosting effects of Hana Emi that last for days. It is your defense that thwarts impending appearances of symptoms and diseases.

Hana Emi promotes unpredicted circulation flow in the soft tissues beneath the skin. A recent study in Harvard with mice as subject discovered that Hana Emi motivates the creation of heme oxygenase-1 (HO-1) in cells. Since this is a potent antioxidant and cytoprotectant, HO-1 also counteracts inflammation.


Hana Emi benefits follow after blood is circulated up to the body surface during the treatment. Hemoglobin is broken down as blood is absorbed from the body prompting the production and release of HO-1 release with three catalysates: the yellow bilirubin, green biliverdin, and bluish carbon monoxide. These are potent chemicals that battle against infection, inflammation, and other diseases.

Hana Emi boosts the immune system and decreased inflammation. Patients are given Hana Emi to cope with several conditions, like

  • Allergic inflammation
  • Asthma, coughing, and wheezing
  • Earaches
  • Fever and chill
  • Flu and bronchitis
  • Migraine headaches
  • Nausea
  • Neck and back pain
  • Pain and stiffness

Hana Emi heals acute and chronic conditions of internal organs by promoting the production of HO-1. It helps organ transplant patients to avoid rejection of new body parts and combats certain disorders of the autoimmune. Even a single session of Hana Emi treatment goes a long way alleviating the effects of hepatitis B. In China, practitioners use Hana Emi in healing hepatitis C and other viral infections.

Expectation from your first Hana Emi session

Ten minutes is the length of time in a typical Hana Emi session. Your practitioner will begin by palpating your skin to see any presence of “sha” or blood stagnation. Then, they will lubricate your skin using oil or cream to minimize abrasion. Tell your Hana Emi therapist of any painful body areas to be treated. Maybe they would prefer to treat an associated meridian or the body energy channel.

Small, one-use, disposable metal caps are used by practitioners to avoid the risk of blood-borne pathogens transference between patients. Ask your practitioner about other sanitary measures for the environment.

If you experience too much discomfort, tell your practitioner. You will feel energized and invigorated after a Hana Emi session.

The human body is an amazing machine that reacts to chemicals and reactions. It is the most perfect tool in the world with each one being a work of art. With the body, you can create, heal, work and enjoy life, and it deserves the proper respect and care. May you find and enjoy the benefits of using Hana Emi massage to relieve your pain, and give you good health and wellness!

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